Recruiting Key Personnel
March 2018
I-CAR Announces 2018 International Board of Directors, Executive Committee
   Auto Body Repair News
March 2017
2017 MSO Symposium Agenda Announced
   Collision Week
January 2017
MSO Symposium Announces Advisory Board
   Fender Bender Magazine
October 2016
Corporate Benevolence: Doing Good Right
Body Shop Business
August 2016
The Almost-Dilemma of How We Recruit
Body Shop Business
September 1, 2014
Leading the Way for Women in the Industry
Collision Management
May 01, 2013
Buyer Be Aware-What Smart Buyers Need to Know About Courting a Prospective Acquisition
Auto Body Repair News, MSO Supplement
Jan 01, 2013
How to Sell Your Collision Repair Business
Body Shop Business
Nov 03, 2010
The Great Divide: Observations on the NACE and SEMA Split
Collision Week
Jun 20, 2010
A Day Without Awards
Auto Inc
Jun 01, 2009
A Look at the Past Ten Years and the Future for Women in the Collision Industry
Profit Magazine
Apr 09, 2009
The Parallel Lives of Technicians and Lawyers
Auto Inc
Dec 22, 2008
A Shop Owner’s Guide to Surviving the Recession
Collision Week
Sep 01, 2008
The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Gen Y Employee
Hammer & Dolly
Jun 01, 2008
The Insurance Company Made Me Do It: How DRP Mandates Have Changed Our Industry
Hammer & Dolly
May 01, 2008
Behind the Curtain: A Look at the Characteristics of Successful Collision Shop Operators
Hammer & Dolly
Mar 01, 2008
Rearview Mirror Q&A
Fender Bender Magazine
Jan 08, 2008
What NACE Told Us About the Influence of Women in the Industry
Auto Inc
Oct 01, 2007
Choose or Be Chosen
Auto Body Repair News
Aug 01, 2007
Off to a Winning Start
BASF, Quarterly Magazine
Jul 30, 2007
Finding, Hiring and Developing the Right Shop Manager
Collision Week
May 18, 2007
One Hundred-Thirteen Industry Women Speak with One Voice
Collision Week
Apr 01, 2007
All Things Being Equal on the Shop Floor
Auto Body Repair News
Aug 29, 2006
Industry Members Get their Hands Dirty in Katrina Ravaged Communities
Collision Week

Archived articles below are available upon request.

Apr 01, 2005
Red Herring or Red Flag? Common Detours in Handling Suspect Claims
Crackdown-National Underwriter Publication
Oct 01, 1995
Vicarious Liability in Premises Liability Law, (with Michael Paul Thomas)
California Lawyer
Jan 24, 1995
Without A Personal Code of Ethics, Lawyers Are Adrift
Los Angeles Daily Journal
May 31, 1994
My Dream Luncheon With Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Apr 28, 1994
Please, Do Me Favor: Don’t Lawyer Me After Hours
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Mar 31, 1994
Lawyers Beware Of The Policy Disfavoring Bizarre Dress!
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Jan 20, 1994
Are Lawyers Entitled To Be Exempt From The Rules of Life?
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Apr 01, 1991
Turning a Sword into a Shield-the Development of Comparative Bad Faith
Verdict Magazine
September 2016
Repairer Driven News: The Trend Toward Specialization
July 2016
MSO Symposium
July 2016
MSO Symposium Preview
May 2016
Power of the Past, Force of the Future: WIN’s 2016 Educational Conference
April 2016
MSO Symposium Agenda Announced
April 2016
2016 MSO Symposium Agenda and Topics Announced
October 2015
CREW Examines Growing the Next Generation of Collision Repairers
August 2015
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Releases Second Quarter 2015 Rental Data
August 2015
Next CREW Asks: Does the Current System Guarantee Quality and Safe Repairs?
July 2015
CIC’s Insurer-Repairer Relations Committee Tackles Length of Rental Debate
June 10, 2015
CARSTAR Kicks Off Largest MSO Network Event
May 2015
WIN Honors Most Influential Women
April 2015
I-CAR Announces 2015 Board of Directors
April 2015
CARSTAR Announces Annual Conference
February 2015
CREW Welcomes State Farm Claims Director, Russ Hoffbauer
December 2014
The Year In Quotes: What the industry was talking about throughout 2014
November 2014
CREW Examines International Collision Repair Models
November 2014
ABRN Magazine. MSO Seminar: Considerations for Acquiring Shops Across State Lines
October 2014
Merger, acquisition experts share advice for shops looking to expand or sell
September 2014
Next CREW Examines the Role of Private Equity and Investment Banks in the Collision Repair Industry
August 2014
Collision Repair Executive Symposium
July 2014
CREW: Thriving as a Repairer in Today’s Marketplace
May 2014
NACE Releases Agenda for August 1 CRES/MSO Symposium
March 2014
NAPA and Martin Senour Announce Inaugural Collision Conference in Orlando
March 2014
Do Good and Prosper: April 3 CREW Explores the Industry’s Not-for-Profits
January 2014
CREW Tackles OE Certification from the Shop Perspective
January 2014
AkzoNobel Performance Group Meetings
December 2013
December CREW Webcast Looks at the Push for OE Certification
October 2013
Cooks Collision Acquires Four Stores in Sacramento Market
September 2013
AkzoNobel Names Panelists for Third Annual Sustainability Leadership Symposium
August 2013
CREW Webcast to Examine Today’s “True Green” Shop
July 2013
WIN promotes opportunities for women in the collision industry
Jan 01, 2013
Sherwin Williams A-Plus Vision Conference Focuses on Trends, KPIs
August 2012
Sustainable culture on slate for 2012 MSO Symposium
May 2012
Service King Breaks Out of Texas, Acquires Eight Auto Body World Locations
May 2010
WIN enjoys record attendance
April 2010
AkzoNobel Honors 2010 Most Influential Women in Collision Repair
June 2016
Integrity Leadership
Fender Bender
August 2015
Overcoming Obstacles
Fender Bender
Aug 01, 2014
Mastering HR
Body Shop Business
Aug 01, 2014
Shop Leaders Share Their Top Business Books
Fender Bender
Jul 01, 2014
WIN conference looks at total loss trends, shop environmental practices
Parts and People
Jun 01, 2014
Consultants Have Helped MSOs Transform Their Businesses
Jun 01, 2014
Case Studies: A Study in Lean Problem Solving
Fender Bender
March 2014
How Do I Know If a Private Equity Company is Legitimate? (Ask the expert)
Fender Bender
May 01, 2013
Case Studies: More than an Afterthought
Fender Bender
Sep 20, 2012
Body Shop Business
Sep 01, 2012
Case Studies: Blind-sided
Fender Bender
Jun 01, 2012
Operations: Would change require firing his staff?
Fender Bender
September 2010
Create a Human Resources Plan
Fender Bender
January 2010
Green business ideas
Fender Bender