Strategic Planning

We work with clients to ensure their vision, objectives and strategies are aligned. From helping to recruit and assemble the right team, to implementing systems and processes, we enable our clients to create an actionable short and long-term strategic plan, along with ongoing support, as needed, through all phases of execution.

Strategic planning solutions

Business Assessments

How are you viewed in the eyes of the industry? Are your employees engaged? How well do you on-board and integrate new personnel? Are you a leader people want to follow?

Business assessments are designed to identify problems within an organization and determine solutions to address them. Examples of assessment areas include leadership and organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, post-acquisition integration and marketplace perception. We work with our clients to identify behaviors, practices and processes that may cause risk to the operation of the business, and provide tangible solutions and recommendations for positive change.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

There’s no such thing as a “born leader.” People get promoted or they buy a business and suddenly, they’re in charge. And let’s face it — leading can be a lonely business.

We work with individuals in confidential one-on-one coaching, as well as management teams. We help our clients refine the tools to build high performing teams by focusing on improving interpersonal and professional communication, facilitating performance and change management, cultivating strategic thinking and effective conflict resolution and developing an executive presence.

Communications Assistance

Whether you need assistance communicating with the media, drafting and distributing a press release, creating an industry article, or just help adding a little punch to the text of your website or marketing materials, Symphony has experience working with clients to craft the right message. Because how you say it matters.

Customer Relationship Management

We help our clients manage customer relationships in a focused way. This assistance includes defining target clients, facilitating introductions, designing and implementing a value proposition supported by marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives, defining client-specific account management processes which enable the highest level of customer service, and harnessing information flow to analyze and manage performance and profitability.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Market Research and Intelligence

The Symphony team has broad experience and reach within the automotive aftermarket and physical damage insurance industry. We assist our clients by assembling and integrating accurate and pertinent information for optimal decision making.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Symphony Advisors enables its clients to leverage our experience in successfully executing an acquisition or exit strategy. We invest time in learning and understanding a client’s circumstances and objectives.

We look for alternative methods of meeting goals, and structure recommendations to a client’s particular situation. This often requires sensitivity about personal issues: confidentiality, fragile egos, hidden agendas, corporate politics, family situations, health problems and more. We work closely with our clients and their accountants, tax experts, legal counsel, investment bankers, estate planners and other trusted advisors to understand their specific situation and objectives and collaborate during the entire process.

Litigation Management

Sometimes litigation management really means litigation anticipation: seeing the exposure before it becomes a problem. Other times it means knowing when to tender a claim to an insurer, recognizing that an attorney is necessary, selection of an attorney with the appropriate skill set, and sometimes making sure that attorney is delivering the services promised. Symphony Advisors has extensive experience in assisting companies in all phases of litigation management oversight.

Recruiting Key Personnel

Defining the job and finding the right person to fill it is one of the hardest tasks of a business owner. We work with our clients to fill key positions in their organizations by helping them create an appropriate job description, which often includes guidance on compensation packages that provide incentive for new recruits while minimizing risk to the business. We also assist in the search process by pre-screening applicants, conducting interviews and checking references.

Recruiting Key Personnel

Speaking Engagements

Marcy Tieger is a frequent speaker at industry events in the U.S. and Canada. She has spoken to organizations on such topics as The KPIs of Integrity Leadership, Recruiting and Retaining Superstar Managers and The Business Case for a More Diverse Workforce.